The care and safety of your pet is paramount to Lowcountry Canine Designs (hereafter listed as LCD). LCD has training, knowledge of animal behavior, and equipment that allows us to groom your pet as safely as possible.

All pets must be current on all vaccinations.

Flea/tick Policy – If pet is infested, pet will be refused and must have medication prior to being groomed. A minimum trip charge will be due.

LCD has the right to refuse service in the event of a pet that can NOT be handled safely. This means either pet or groomer safety. The use of muzzles, slings and/or straps are acceptable safety measures. Grooming services may be stopped mid groom if necessary for the safety of your pet or the groomer. A charge will apply for the portion of the groom completed or the minimum trip charge, whichever is greater.

All due care will be taken with your pet(s) for the safety of the pet and groomer. Neglect of your pets coat can cause problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation. If your pet is wiggly or does not remain still during the grooming procedure accidents can happen such as nicks with clippers or scissors.

Ear infections are often a problem when it comes to grooming. LCD will not be held responsible for any type of ear infection/irritation. We manually extract ear hairs and clean ears on all pets but will eliminate this procedure if requested by the client. Sometimes an ear infection is discovered during or right after the grooming as it was hidden deep in the canal underneath the ear hair. Ear infections can be caused by allergies, food issues, genetic problems, ear shape or lack of consistent care. We are happy to advise ways to combat ear infections and other issues and can change procedures if we are made aware of problems.

If your pets coat is matted LCD will attempt to brush mats out if possible, as long as it is humane and non painful to your pet. If the coat cannot be brushed out your pet may need to be shaved down. A matted coat requires additional grooming time and a minimum charge of $20 will apply in addition to the regular grooming fee for matted coats. LCD will not be held responsible for possible clipper burn, skin irritation, and/or minor nicks resulting from the grooming of matted coats.

If you’re pet becomes ill or is hurt during the grooming session LCD will obtain immediate medical care from a veterinarian of our choice if the pets veterinarian is not known or accessible. Pet owner agrees to pay all costs for treatment unless illness or injury is in the direct result of any negligence on the part of LCD. LCD will be notified within 24 hours of any claims by owner regarding compensation for medical attention given as a result of alleged negligence. LCD will consult with attending veterinarian concerning said claim.

Photos – Photos may be taken of your pet before, during or after grooming for use on our web site for advertising and education.

Cancellations by phone, text or email less than 24 hours before scheduled groom date are subject to the minimum trip charge of $35 per pet and is payable before your next scheduled appointment. No shows at the door are subject to the minimum trip charge of $35 per pet to cover gas and time incurred from driving to your location and is payable before your next scheduled appointment. On the second occurrence of last minute cancellation/no show, customer must prepay for the entire visit before we can come to your location to groom your pet.

LCD will arrive as close as possible to scheduled time of appointment. Delays may result due to weather, road conditions, equipment failure, spending more time than expected on previous groom, etc. Every effort will be made to contact you in advance to advise you of our expected arrival time if there are any delays in the schedule.